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Hobby Hustle: Peyton Manning, The Rock, and Collecting with Drake (@drakes_pc)

In this episode Brett brings out Drake (@drakes_pc) to discuss his collecting mentality and why he collects what he does. This conversation digs into the collector's mentality and how to maximize happiness in the Hobby.

Collector's Mindset Always Goes Over

In this episode Brett talks about mental health awareness, discusses the evolution of the Hobbyist, and why the collector's mindset always prevails.

Hobby Hustle: Hitting Hobby Topics that Matter with Sierra (@california_card_collector)

In this episode Brett brings Sierra (@california_card_collector) back on the show to discuss card shows, current market trends, and networking in the Hobby.

Collectibles Over Commodities

In this episode Brett talks about why he doesn't think the sky is falling in a majority of the segments in the Hobby, why having consistent activity matters, and shares thoughts on why he thinks it's important to point your professional skills towards the Hobby when you can.

Hobby Hustle: Current State of Grading with David (@guessthegrade)

On this episode of SSP Hobby Hustle Brett sits down with former grader David to discuss his history in grading, the current state of the industry, and what we can expect down the road.

Technology, Auction Houses, and Preparation in the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about technology, auction house updates, and being prepared in the Hobby. Also, there's a contest going on to win a free year of Card Ladder. Make sure you listen in for details.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Women in the Hobby, Card Art, and Luka with Kristina from Card Ladder

In this episode Brett talks with Kristina from the Card Ladder team about the progress that they are making, women in the Hobby, card art, and of course Luka.

Passion is the rocket fuel for the Hobby

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of passion in this market, opportunities with technology, and difficulties with letting go of cards.

Hobby Hustle: Gaining perspective on the Hobby with Architect of Exquisite Karvin Cheung

On this episode Brett sits down with the creator of Upper Deck's Exquisite product Karvin Cheung. They talk about the ideation around the product, the current industry, and collecting.

Embracing positivity and keeping those Hobby spirits high

In this episode Brett talks about remaining positive in an ever changing market, new Select product, and why it's important to surround yourself with product experts.

Talking Hoops and the Courtside Card Show with @SummerTimeCards

In this episode Brett has a conversation with Anthony (@summertimecards) about his journey in the Hobby, basketball cards, and what it takes to put on a card show.

This is my 100th episode about Sports Cards

On this episode of Stacking Slabs Brett reflects on 100 episodes and what he has learned in a year about sports cards. He spends some time discussing biggest learnings and highlights some of the people who helped inspire along the way.

Top 10 Biggest Sales in Prizm History on Prizm Day

On this episode Brett talks about Prizm basketball and it's place in The Hobby. He uses Card Ladder to discuss the top 10 biggest sales in Prizm history.

Talking about the Dallas Card Show with @shaiwayvlogs, @putnamcards, @thepackprophets

I had to bring some of my favorite people in the Hobby together to talk about their experience at the Dallas Card Show. I'm joined by Shai (@shaiwayvlogs), Max (@putnamcards), and Greg (@thepackprophets) to discuss what went down at the show and what we can all learn from it.

Avoiding intimidation and drawing inspiration when curating your PC

On this episode Brett talks about curating a PC and the steps that we can take to draw inspiration and not be intimidated by all the other great collections that we see through social media every day.

Hobby Hustle: Talking oddball collecting and opportunities with YamWax

In this episode Brett sits down with Corey Donovan aka YamWax to discuss his mentality around collecting and identifying opportunities before the market see them.

Being a fan and growing pains in the Hobby that we all love

In this episode Brett talks about being a fan of everything that is going on in Hobby right now. He discusses growing pains that exist and how to operate with an abundant mindset as these changes are taking place.

Hobby Hustle: Breaking down Goldin Auction results with Chris from Card Ladder

In this episode Brett discusses the fall out from the Goldin Auction sales with Chris from the Card Ladder team. They cover a ton of ground on the topic and share perspectives on what this means for the Hobby moving forward.

Anticipating Opportunity and Building Your Process

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of building a process and how to anticipate potential trends that are coming in the Hobby. Also, he touches on the importance of asking for help.

Hobby Hustle: Collecting with a Diverse Pallet with Sierra (@california_card_collector)

On this episode Brett chat with Sierra (@california_card_collector) about his collecting philosophy, process, and how he decides on opportunities to buy/sell.

Elevate the People Around You Doing Cool Stuff

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of elevating all of the great people in the Hobby that are helping you out, discusses the football card market, and shares an update on what's to come for SSP.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Hoops and the State of the Hobby with Ji (@theluckyshow05)

On this episode Brett chops it up with Ji (@theluckyshow05) about collecting basketball cards and the passion behind it. Tune in to hear how Ji got back in the Hobby, his Luka and Curry collecting, and commentary on the current state of the Hobby.

This is what happens when your fandom takes over

In this episode Brett talks about the moments when your fandom of your squad takes over, a perspective on Goldin, and answers some questions from the mailbag.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Vintage Women's Sports Cards with Cindy Dick

In this episode Brett talks with Cindy Dick about her collection of 1,300 vintage women's sports cards from the 1850's to 1972. She is working towards a book & museum show. There is a lot to get educated on in this episode.

A New Journey Through Space Travel and Time

In this episode Brett talks about the curating your collection like an art gallery. He also talks about a new collecting journey he is on and answers some questions from the mail bag.

Hobby Hustle: Starting Your Own Business in the Hobby with Nic (@TheWharfSportsCards)

In this episode Brett talks with Nic (@TheWharfSportsCards) about jumping into the Hobby full time. This is a must listen for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship in this market.

Sharing Your Point of View on the Market and Standing Up for Your Beliefs

In this episode Brett talks about the importance of having a point of view on everything that's happening in the Hobby and standing up for what you belief in.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Brady and Mahomes Cards with Kevin Randall (@dacaptain37)

On this episode Brett brings Kevin (@dacaptain37) back on to discuss his Brady and Mahomes collecting, Super Bowl thoughts, and a look into next season.

It's Super Bowl Week and You Know What That Means

On this episode Brett shares his thoughts on the Super Bowl, talks about brand building, and drops 20 random thoughts in his head regarding the Hobby this week.

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