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A reflection on the release of WWE Prizm: Good, bad, and ugly with Adam Gellman from Sports Cards Uncensored

In this episode Brett chats with Adam Gellman who authors the Sports Cards Uncensored blog about the release of WWE Prizm and the fallout. They discuss the release and buying / selling under current market conditions.

What Redefining Your Collection Might Look Like

On this episode Brett takes on a topic from the audience around reason to consolidate and what it means to redefine your collection.

The Aftermath of Card Trimming Incidents and What We Can Learn as Collectors with Kyle from The Wax Museum Podcast

On this episode Kyle from the Wax Museum Podcast shares his perspective on the history of trimming, what to look out for, and how incidents of trimming can bring out the power of the community. He also talks about the current collecting rabbit holes he's going down.

The Joy of Starting a New Player PC

In this episode Brett talks about the excitement around starting a new player PC. He discusses the opportunity to explore new sets, connect with a new group of collectors, and more.

Turning left when the arbitrage enters with Darren Herman (@midlifecrisiscards)

In this episode Brett explores the "Reddit mafia" concept with Darren Herman (@midlifecrisiscards) and how we can mitigate risk as collectors. A lot has changed over the past couple years and Darren shares his perspective on what's ahead for the collecting community.

The art of telling stories when posting your cards to the community

In this episode Brett discusses the art of telling stories when we post our cards. He shares some examples that he saw this past week stopped him in his tracks and shares them here.

Creating a Hobby experience for the collector with Chris McGill of Card Ladder

In this episode Brett brings Chris McGill from Card Ladder back on to discuss optimizing experiences for the collector, sustainable ways to grow the Hobby, and how content fits in. Also, Chris highlights a monster grail that he just picked up and shares the reasons behind it.

What is the best year across all sports to collect sports cards? (the community responds)

In this episode Brett shares his amazing week that was in the Hobby, discusses growth, and asks the community to share their favorite year to collect.

Creating a card art project to build awareness for mental health with Armando Castillo (@cardsofcascadia)

In this episode Brett chats with Armando Castillo (@cardsofcascadia) about his passion of soccer and wrestling cards, the card art community, and why he decided to create a project to bring awareness around mental health.

Let's talk about 2002 Finest Football and some other stuff

In this episode Brett talks about the 2002 Finest Football set and why he thinks it's significant. He's freshly returned from the beach and has a lot of other topics on his mind.

Obtaining the WWE license and going to market with new product with D.J. Kazmierczak with Panini America

In this episode Brett is joined by D.J. Kazmierczak, VP of Sales and Product Development at Panini America to discuss the launch of the WWE license with WWE Prizm. He shares how the partnership came to be and addresses the recent WWE <> Fanatics news.

Collecting with emotion and shielding against the hype

In this episode Brett discusses why association and attachment are important to the way he collects. Also, he shares his thoughts on the WWE Prizm release and the hype that followed.

Collecting with passion and building relationships along the way with Lauren Florio (@lfgoalie31)

In this conversation Brett sits has a conversation with Lauren Florio (@lfgoalie31) about her collecting history with Tom Brady, the relationships she's built along the way, and why the Hobby brings her happiness.

Quality vs. Quantity and the implications in our Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about a topic that he's been researching professionally (quality vs. quantity) and how it applies to the Hobby. There are a lot of conversations going on about growing the Hobby and he shares what's on his mind.

Managing the ever changing football card market with Mike DeMartino (@mikey.sportscards)

In this episode Brett has a conversation with Mike DeMartino (@mikey.sportscards) about operating in the ever changing football card market. They discuss some of the recent off season transitions, what to look for in products, and how self fund your PC through anticipation and instinct.

Preparing yourself as a collector for the mainstream of the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about the whacky week that was in the Hobby and what we can do to avoid activities that place obstacles in front of our escape as collectors.

Talking about the launch of WWE Prizm with Lucas Kinser, Brand Manager at Panini America

In this episode Brett talks with Lucas Kinser, Brand Manager at Panini about the upcoming launch of WWE Prizm. This is a big transition for wrestling card collectors and Lucas sheds some light on the process and gives some details at what to expect.

This is Episode 200.

Brett celebrates episode 200 of the Stacking Slabs Podcast and sends gratitude to the rest of the Hobby. He sheds a little bit of light on the news that took over the Hobby last week and dives into a discussion around quality vs. quantity.

Hall of Fame football card collecting with Ben Babcock (@brooklynbarrybright)

In this episode Brett sits down with Hall of Fame football card collector Ben Babcock (@brooklinbarrybright) to discuss his favorite sets and parallels. Ben has a significant LaDainian Tomlinson PC and shares the process he has gone through to build it.

What do we do when players that we collect leave the teams that we cheer for?

The free agency period in the NFL is here and we've already seen a flurry of significant activity. Brady unretires after 2 months! Aaron Rodgers returns in Green Bay. Russell Wilson to Denver. Carson (cough cough) Wentz to Washington. What does this mean if we collect any of the players on the move? Brett explores this topic and gathers feedback from the community.

Talking consignment, spotting shill bidding, and more with Nic (@TheWharfSportsCards)

In this episode Brett talks with Nick (@TheWharfSportsCards) about his consignment business on eBay, spotting shill bidding, market opportunities, and more.

Getting your subs back and posting your cards is a whole lot of fun

In this episode Brett discusses the growing segments in the Hobby and what it means for collectors, getting PSA subs back, and we hear from the community on consolidation.

Discussing the mindset as a buyer during a record breaking sale with Drake McGruder (@drakes_pc)

In this episode Brett brings Drake (@drakes_pc) back on the podcast to discuss a record breaking sale in the Hobby that he was involved in. Drake purchased the 2014 WWE Topps Chrome Superfractor Roman Reigns Auto 1/1 PSA 10 and it created a buzz within the wrestling card community. This conversation is not just about wrestling cards, but how to operate when buying cards on the high end.

The irrational nature of collecting cards and why we should never stop

In this episode Brett discusses the irrational nature and things that we do as collectors. He shares feedback that he received from the community on this topic and also explores a myriad of other Hobby related topics.

Making deals and operating in the high end market with Jamison Long (@exquisitesportscollectibles)

In this episode Brett sits down with Jamison Long (@exquisitesportscollectibles) to discuss operating in the high end card segment. They talk about Jamison's decision to go full-time in the Hobby, making deals, and the rise of modern wrestling cards.

Collecting for nostalgia vs. collecting to connect with a current player and the implications

In this episode Brett explores the topic of collecting based on nostalgia vs. collecting to connect with current players. There is no right or wrong way to collect, but he explores the implications of both sides of the coin.

Operating in fringe markets with Card Talk's Lou Geneux

In this episode Brett talks with Card Talk host Lou Geneux about buying, selling, and trading cards in fringe markets. They discuss what makes certain markets collectible and how to measure if they are sustainable. Both Lou and Brett were dead wrong on their Super Bowl predictions and willing to admit that up front : )

Balancing the opportunity to be unique with our collecting and outside influence

In this episode Brett explores the topics of the balance between being unique with our collecting and managing outside influence. He shares the psychology of influence and how this can impact our Hobby experience.

Creating a different card show experience with Raphael Mosley (@prizm_gawd)

Brett sits down with Prizm Gawd to discuss how to think differently about putting on a card show and the importance of creating experiences. He's hosting the second edition of the Culture Collision Trade Show in Atlanta February 25-27 and he shares what attendees can expect.

It's ok to sell the cards that you told yourself that you'd never sell

In this episode Brett discusses the power of curating your collection and building something that is truly unique. He shares his observation through personal experience and observing great collectors in the community.

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