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Give yourself some Hobby operating principles

The National is here. There's already been a ton ground covered on the show so Brett discusses the importance of giving yourself some Hobby operating principles and the direction that it can provide.

Building a content platform in the Hobby with Ryan Johnson (@cardcollector2)

In this episode Brett has a conversation with Ryan Johnson (@cardcollector2) about building his platform, the current market, and the wild run of shows he's been to over the past couple weeks. They talk about The National and Ryan shares his decade+ experience at the show.

Disclaimer: SSP best fits with long game players

On this episode of the Stacking Slabs Podcast Brett talks about how his content is built for long game players and defines some of the strongest qualities that he has found in collectors that he has met along the way.

Don't lean on showcases at the National with Kevin Randall (@dacaptain37)

Kevin Randall aka @dacaptain37 come back on the podcast to talk about the Causeway Card Show, preparing for the National, and the momentum around football cards. If you are going to the National make sure you check him out at Booth #155.

If you smell what the 1981 Topps Joe Montana PSA 10 is cookin'

In this episode Brett talks reflects on the Hobby after being away on vacation for a week. He shares some thoughts on recent interactions and finding ways to collect around passion.

If you smell what the Hobby Update is cookin' with Shai (@shaiwayvlogs) and Max (@putnamcards)

In this episode Brett talks with Shaw (@shaiwayvlogs) and Max (@putnamcards) about their new show Hobby Update. This is a fun conversation about some current happenings in the Hobby.

Balancing fandom and finance with the collector's mindset

In this episode Brett talks about the collector's mindset and the balancing act between fandom and finance. He recommends a simple, but potentially effective exercise with your PC.

Growing the Hobby and getting people to stay with Josh and Chris from Card Ladder

In this episode Brett sits down with Josh (@cardboardchronicles) and Chris (@chris_hoj) to discuss the psychology behind the need for community, connections with sports and finance, the collector's mindset, and tons of other important topics that are relevant to sustaining growth.

Long term v. short term operating in sports cards

In this episode Brett shares some examples from his professional life and applies them to the mindset he is taking with sports cards. There is no right or wrong answer between having a short term or a long term mindset in the hobby and in this episode Brett discusses this topic.

Hobby Hustle: Chasing PMG Greens with Bennett (@devinkurant37)

In this episode Brett talks with PMG Green collector Bennett (@devinkurant37) about his journey and the people he has met along the way in pursuing a set of PMG Greens. They cover his last win of the 1997 Tim Duncan PMG Green BGS 8 from Goldin Auctions. This is a can't miss for collectors.

The importance of controlling the narrative and enjoying the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about the importance of blocking out the noise and controlling the narrative in the Hobby. With anything in life, context is critical and he touches on things he's doing to stay happy during a period of market pull back.

Hobby Hustle: The market and pro style operating when going to shows with Michael Coleman (@coleman_cards)

In this episode Brett talks with Michael Coleman (@coleman_cards) about the current state of the market and things to consider when attending shows. Coleman has hit some of the biggest shows over the past 3 months and shares some great operating perspective to be prepared for your next card show.

Don't deny your sports card conviction

On this episode Brett talks about why it's important to follow your passion and to not deny your conviction on specific cards that you are buying. He shares some perspective from his own collecting and stories that follow.

Hobby Hustle: Collecting and the Current Market with Kaushik Mohan (@the_iron_shik)

On this episode of Stacking Slabs Brett sits down with Kausik (@the_iron_shik) to talk about his collecting, current market and opportunities, and what's in store the next few months. With the National right around the corner there is a lot of ground covered in this conversation.

Finding your NorthStar in the hobby

In this episode Brett talks about building trust, creating consistency, and find your NorthStar in the hobby.

Hobby Hustle: Good operating in the Hobby with Rodman Martinez (@rodmanpc)

In this episode Brett talks with Rodman Martinez (@rodmanspc) about ways to communicate, negotiate, and find the cards that you want in the Hobby. This conversation is jam packed full of nuggets so make sure you have your notepad ready.

Embracing feedback and finding your lane

On this episode Brett talks about feedback, finding the best lane to operate, and shares thoughts on the current state of the market.

Hobby Hustle: Spending time with one of the legends of the industry, Dr. Jim Beckett

On this episode Brett has a conversation with Dr. Jim Beckett about the Dallas Card Show, technology, modern day pricing, and more.

Recap and Thoughts from The Dallas Card Show

On this episode Brett shares his story from the Dallas Card Show. He discusses his biggest observations and takeaways from the event.

Hobby Hustle: The Hobby as a Lifestyle with Jeremy Lee of Sports Cards Live

In this episode Brett talks with Jeremy Lee the host of Sports Cards Live about the significance that the hobby has on his life and why he started his show. They cover operating at shows and what's next for hobby content.

Heading to the Dallas Card Show with Stuff on My Mind

In this episode Brett talks about preparing for the Dallas Card Show, things he is struggling to understand in the hobby, and why it's not good comparing yourself to others.

Hobby Hustle: Peyton Manning, The Rock, and Collecting with Drake (@drakes_pc)

In this episode Brett brings out Drake (@drakes_pc) to discuss his collecting mentality and why he collects what he does. This conversation digs into the collector's mentality and how to maximize happiness in the Hobby.

Collector's Mindset Always Goes Over

In this episode Brett talks about mental health awareness, discusses the evolution of the Hobbyist, and why the collector's mindset always prevails.

Hobby Hustle: Hitting Hobby Topics that Matter with Sierra (@california_card_collector)

In this episode Brett brings Sierra (@california_card_collector) back on the show to discuss card shows, current market trends, and networking in the Hobby.

Collectibles Over Commodities

In this episode Brett talks about why he doesn't think the sky is falling in a majority of the segments in the Hobby, why having consistent activity matters, and shares thoughts on why he thinks it's important to point your professional skills towards the Hobby when you can.

Hobby Hustle: Current State of Grading with David (@guessthegrade)

On this episode of SSP Hobby Hustle Brett sits down with former grader David to discuss his history in grading, the current state of the industry, and what we can expect down the road.

Technology, Auction Houses, and Preparation in the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about technology, auction house updates, and being prepared in the Hobby. Also, there's a contest going on to win a free year of Card Ladder. Make sure you listen in for details.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Women in the Hobby, Card Art, and Luka with Kristina from Card Ladder

In this episode Brett talks with Kristina from the Card Ladder team about the progress that they are making, women in the Hobby, card art, and of course Luka.

Passion is the rocket fuel for the Hobby

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of passion in this market, opportunities with technology, and difficulties with letting go of cards.

Hobby Hustle: Gaining perspective on the Hobby with Architect of Exquisite Karvin Cheung

On this episode Brett sits down with the creator of Upper Deck's Exquisite product Karvin Cheung. They talk about the ideation around the product, the current industry, and collecting.

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