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Hobby Hustle: Collecting with a Diverse Pallet with Sierra (@california_card_collector)

On this episode Brett chat with Sierra (@california_card_collector) about his collecting philosophy, process, and how he decides on opportunities to buy/sell.

Elevate the People Around You Doing Cool Stuff

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of elevating all of the great people in the Hobby that are helping you out, discusses the football card market, and shares an update on what's to come for SSP.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Hoops and the State of the Hobby with Ji (@theluckyshow05)

On this episode Brett chops it up with Ji (@theluckyshow05) about collecting basketball cards and the passion behind it. Tune in to hear how Ji got back in the Hobby, his Luka and Curry collecting, and commentary on the current state of the Hobby.

This is what happens when your fandom takes over

In this episode Brett talks about the moments when your fandom of your squad takes over, a perspective on Goldin, and answers some questions from the mailbag.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Vintage Women's Sports Cards with Cindy Dick

In this episode Brett talks with Cindy Dick about her collection of 1,300 vintage women's sports cards from the 1850's to 1972. She is working towards a book & museum show. There is a lot to get educated on in this episode.

A New Journey Through Space Travel and Time

In this episode Brett talks about the curating your collection like an art gallery. He also talks about a new collecting journey he is on and answers some questions from the mail bag.

Hobby Hustle: Starting Your Own Business in the Hobby with Nic (@TheWharfSportsCards)

In this episode Brett talks with Nic (@TheWharfSportsCards) about jumping into the Hobby full time. This is a must listen for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship in this market.

Sharing Your Point of View on the Market and Standing Up for Your Beliefs

In this episode Brett talks about the importance of having a point of view on everything that's happening in the Hobby and standing up for what you belief in.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Brady and Mahomes Cards with Kevin Randall (@dacaptain37)

On this episode Brett brings Kevin (@dacaptain37) back on to discuss his Brady and Mahomes collecting, Super Bowl thoughts, and a look into next season.

It's Super Bowl Week and You Know What That Means

On this episode Brett shares his thoughts on the Super Bowl, talks about brand building, and drops 20 random thoughts in his head regarding the Hobby this week.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Mahomes, Luka, and Content with Jeff Hoferer (@packgeek)

On this episode Brett talks with Jeff from Pack Geek to discuss his collecting and content creating.

Patrick Mahomes is The Undertaker of Football and the Hobby

On this episode Brett compares Patrick Mahomes to the Undertaker, talks about focus, and shares why he doesn't have time for drama in the Hobby.

Hobby Hustle with The Host of Basketball Card Therapy Max Norris (@Putnamcards)

On this episode Brett sits down with Max to talk about his podcast Basketball Card Therapy, his operating in the Hobby, and collecting journey.

The Diderot Effect and Sports Cards

In this episode Brett explains the Diderot Effect: what it is, why it matters, and what it has to do with sports cards and the steps we can take as collectors to avoid it. Brett spends time answering questions from the mailbag, too.

Hobby Hustle: Talking with the Heavyweight Champion of Vintage Wrestling Cards David Peck

In this episode Brett talks with one of the most legendary vintage wrestling card collectors David Peck. David is in the PSA Set Registry Hall of Fame for his 1982-1983 Wrestling All Stars set. This conversation is for anyone who wants to learn more about wrestling card collecting.

It's not just about the rookie cards when collecting legends

In this episode Brett talks about investing in legends and how there's so much more opportunities outside of rookie cards. Brett discusses other ways he's improving his operation and spends time answering the weekly mailbag.

Hobby Hustle: Building a Technology Company in the Sports Card Market with Eric Doty, Founder of Loupe

On this episode Brett has a conversation with Eric Doty about the process for building Loupe and identifying opportunities for innovation in the Hobby.

Start, Stop, Continue: Lessons Learned with Sports Cards

In this episode Brett talks about things he's planning on starting, stopping, and continuing heading into the new year. Also, he gets to some of your questions in the mailbag.

Hobby Hustle: Chasing Grails with Greg from @thepackprophets

In this episode Brett sits down with Greg from @thepackprophets to discuss the start of the NBA season, chasing grails, and self discipline in the Hobby.

Avoiding Sheep-like Tendencies this Basketball Season

In this episode Brett talks about his evolution with investing, focusing in on the big picture, and a discussion on player collecting.

Hobby Hustle: Evolving in the Hobby with my brother Kyle

In this episode of the Hobby Hustle Brett sits down with his older brother Kyle to discuss their year of evolution in the Hobby. They discuss building their PC, identifying process, and content in the Hobby.

Demanding Authenticity in the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about the importance of finding authenticity in the Hobby. This goes for people, content, technology and anything else you consume to better improve your operating in this market.

Hobby Hustle: Talking LCS ownership with the Cardfather, Rob Veres of Burbank Sportscards

In this episode Brett sits down with Rob Veres, owner of Burbank Sportscards to discuss all that goes into owning the highest volume local card store in the market. They discuss technology, process and strategy, and what's ahead.

The Power of Reflection in an Ever Evolving Sports Card Market

On this episode Brett talks about the importance of reflecting on your process and what makes you happy in the Hobby. The topic of consolidation is continued from last week and Brett shares his recent perspective on selling into the storm.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Consolidation with Josh from Cardboard Chronicles and Card Ladder

In this episode Brett and Josh talk about the process of consolidation when trying to obtain big cards. They also get into the current NBA Market and provide thoughts on current Hobby content.

Taking a stand against all the trash in the Hobby

In this episode Brett talks about the importance of having core values and a belief system when operating in the Hobby. He talks about good v. evil in the Hobby and the importance of doing the work.

Hobby Hustle: Talking Nat Turner News and the Dallas Show with @shaiwayvlogs

In this episode Brett sits down with Shai (@shaiwayvlogs) to discuss Nat Turner's acquisition of Collector's Universe, his PSA mishap, the Dallas show, and current sports card market.

How to avoid getting swallowed up in the vortex of the NBA card market hype machine

In this episode Brett discusses all of the distractions that are emerging with an insane NBA market forming, his process for obtaining big cards, and does some Q&A from the audience.

Hobby Hustle: Talking cards and taking questions with Andrew and Cage from the Lukas Tigers and Brons OH MY!!! Podcast

In this episode Brett has a conversation with Andrew and Cage the hosts of the Lukas Tigers and Brons OH MY!!! podcast to discuss the sports card market and take some questions from the audience.

Saying thanks to the sides that the Hobby serves us

In this episode Brett talks about the things that he is thankful for in The Hobby, different camps of content creators, and mindset after several months of selling.

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